Kingdmusic features 3 time Grammy-nominee Deitrick Haddon on “Praises” | @kingdmusic

Renowned South African artist Kingdmusic has once again got fans excited with his latest release, a collaboration with three-time Grammy-nominated and multi award-winning artist Deitrick Haddon. The dynamic duo brings forth a beautiful masterpiece with their new track, “Praises”.

“Praises” is an uplifting composition crafted to inspire individuals to persevere in praising God through all seasons of life. The song underscores the powerful message that our worship is not contingent on our circumstances, but rather fueled by unwavering faith and boundless gratitude. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant Amapiano genre, this musical fusion showcases the diversity and creativity that defines South Africa’s music scene. Kingdmusic and Deitrick Haddon seamlessly blend their distinctive styles, creating a harmonious soundscape that is bound to resonate with audiences worldwide.

With a treasure trove of accolades under his belt, including multiple prestigious awards, Kingdmusic stands at the forefront of the South African new school Gospel music industry. His innate ability to craft melodies that touch the soul has garnered him a dedicated global following.

Deitrick Haddon, a luminary in the international gospel music arena, brings his signature vocal prowess and lyrical depth to “Praises”. With three Grammy nominations to his name and multiple awards, Haddon’s influence in the gospel genre is unparalleled. Together, Kingdmusic and Deitrick Haddon believes that this collaboration is poised to encourage listeners, offering a powerful message of hope, faith, and gratitude. “Praises” is set to become an anthem for those seeking solace and strength in their journey of faith.

“Praises” will be available on all major streaming platforms;


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