[Music + Video] JESUS - Sydnee Danielle

Gospel music is the only genre of music that lyrically comes from the Word of God and has the power to ignite soul-saving surrender from those who hear it.  Gospel music is also an expression of the heart. Sydnee Danielle emerges as a new artist who transparently expresses her experiences, testimony, and compassion through music.

Sydnee’s debut single is “JESUS,” a beautifully expressive contemporary song that creates a warm atmosphere of gratitude and praise.

“Jesus” is produced by Terrance Howell and Jesse Wood, the super-duo Revival Music Co. team.  Howell and Wood crafted this passionate song with a modern melody reminiscent of traditional hymns that is both uplifting and soothing.  Sydnee’s gentle vocals add emotional depth to the lyrics as she pours out from a passion formed by her testimony with God.

“This song is my personal testimony and only a glimpse of how good He has been to me,” states Sydnee.  “Without him, nothing is possible.  I hope this song reaches the place of every listener who’s been searching.  Everything they’ve been looking for is in JESUS.”

She continues, “Music has been a beautiful outlet for me. Being able to express myself through a song others can relate to has been my greatest gift. When people hear my Music, I hope they feel understood and feel as though the words they hear are coming straight from their hearts, and it restores them.

“JESUS” is available now on all digital music platforms and is released by Revival Music Co.  In addition, the official music video is available via iTunes and YouTube.

Watch and Listen to “JESUS”

“JESUS” is a song about the unconditional love and grace of Jesus Christ and emphasizes the miraculous life now found because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  Sydnee believes that every good song comes from having a good story.  As a new artist, what sets her apart and chosen is her gift of song and her appointed life.  

Sydnee says, “My life is a testimony of the goodness, kindness, and faithfulness of God.  I’d say there’s no better reason to be chosen to share my story through music!” 

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