Psalmist Kim Washington Invites American Idol Alum George Huff To Collaborate On Christmas Classic “O, Holy Night”

Dallas, TX —  It’s the time of year when we gather with family and friends to celebrate the Savior’s birth. Christmas is filled with special gatherings enhanced by seasonal songs that bring hope and create atmospheres of joy and love.  One of the season’s best-loved songs is “O, Holy Night,” a poem set to music by Adolphe Adam in 1847.  Today, the musical story of the birth of Jesus and  humanity’s redemption has continued to be recreated and re-imagined. Psalmist Kim Washington has delivered her soulful and powerful rendition of the Christmas classic.

“My husband came to me about the idea of doing a Christmas song,” Kim explains.  “I loved the idea, and O Holy Night has always been my favorite. After that, everything was set in motion to record and release the song.”  

Kim is a songwriter, anointed singer, and worship leader in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas region.  She chose to remake her favorite seasonal song with a spirit-lifting arrangement by Kim’s husband, Don Washington.  Additionally, Kim invited her friend and American Idol alumnus George Huff to duet with her on the song.  

“George has always been a very good friend of mine and Don,” says Kim.  

“When we went to him with the idea, he loved it!”

Listen To “O, Holy Night”

Kim offers “O, Holy Night” hoping to ignite joy and gratitude while we make new memories and reflect on memories of Christmas and years gone by.  The song reminds us to have the thrill of hope; even in a weary world, we can rejoice.

Kim reminisces, “One of my fondest memories of the holidays is traveling to Shreveport, Louisiana, with my grandparents and cousins. We always stayed with one of my favorite uncles and aunt and had absolute fun enjoying family.  I was always sad when it was time to leave.”

“O, Holy Night” is available now on all digital music outlets.  As the stars are brightly shining, you can add this new rendition to your Christmas and holiday playlist.  Celebrate the night divine, the night when Christ was born!

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