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This song, an original composition by Clarion Clarkewoode, was birthed out of a vision he had of a person with great destiny striving to break free from inhibitions, influences and forces (like chains) that prevents them from rising. This song, “I Will Rise,” is not just a nice song with beautiful harmonies and euphonious melodies; it is not just a confession or a profession of faith, neither is it just a wish or desire, but it is more of a positive provocation and a call to action. And for all who believe, there is more. This song will unsettle your equilibrium, shake off your complacency, awaken and unleash the giant in you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. This song has power to transform minds and set people free from mental slavery and emotional captivity into true freedom – the place and space given humanity to #RiseLikeTheSun. “This inspirational music video contains powerful imagery and captivating performances that will inspire you not to settle for less than you can become.” Clarion Clarkewoode Watch the music video below:


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