[Music + Video] Preye Odede - Yahweh, This is You | @PreyeOdede


The challenges we go through reveal different aspects of God to us. Most of the names we call God today we’re chronicled by individuals who had experienced God’s help at different levels of their lives.

Minister Preye Odede had one of such experiences which you can consider a life defining moment when he was wrongly diagnosed for a medical condition that traumatized him for a long period but God in His sovereignty revealed himself as Yahweh and healed him.

Yahweh, a distinct name God is called which showcases his power and authority as the all sufficient and powerful one with whom there is no comparison.

Minister Preye Odede’s experience during these harrowing times gave birth to this song he is sharing with the world called “Yahweh (this is you)”. The song carefully captures the ways God comes through for us in various situations as we look back appreciation, we can truly say “Yahweh this is you”. Indeed God worked always behind the scenes to make an open show of his goodness in our lives.

The song is available on all digital platforms.
Watch Video Below;

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