Music: Olayinka Adewale - Leekan Sii (Once More)

Olayinka Adewale popularly known as minister Olayinka Adewale is a dynamic Song-writer, music minister and an Anointed vocalist. 

He started singing from a very tender age, he made his debut in 2017 with an album titled I'M LIFTED. His Ministry has been a tremendous blessing to many lives both locally and internationally.

Leekan Sii is a powerful song of supplication and cry for revival to God almighty, with a powerful delivery in Yoruba Language, it's indeed a song that lives one in an atmosphere of the supernatural.


F'i agbara re han(manifest your power)
Laye wa leekan sii(in our lives once more)

Leekan sii(once more)
Leekan sii oo(once more)

F'i agbara re han(manifest your power)
Laye wa leekan sii(in our lives once more)


2nd verse:
Aa de ti gbo(we have heard)
Aa tun ri ka(we have read)
Pe ee lagbara(that you are powerful)
Laye wa, afe ri o oo(in our lives we want to see you)
Laye wa, je ka ri o(in our lives let us see you)

Ki lagbara re se ti(what is hard for your power to do)
Ko sii(there is none)
Ki lagbara re ko le se(what can your power not do)
Aa ko ri(we have not seen it)
Iwo to lagbara lorun ati aye(you that has power in heaven and the earth)
Agbara aa di ba je(the power that never expire)


Agbara to lana lori okun(power that made way in the red sea)
Agbara to mu aro lara da(power that made the cripple whole)
Agbara to so agan do olomo oo(power that made the barren mother of children)
Agbara aa di baje(power that never expire)

Back to the chorus till it fade away.

Instagram: @Olayinka_o.adewale
Facebook: Olayinka Adewale

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