Shine a Light in the Darkness by Rick Lee James

The upbeat, guitar-driven track penned by James offers a challenging, yet hopeful, message for Christians in deeply divided times.

"The verses reflect Jesus' command to the Church to stand firmly on the Truth; to not give in to fear; and to be bearers of the Light," James explains of the song's theme." "The chorus was inspired by the famous Peace Prayer of St. Francis, asking the Lord to make us instruments of His peace."

"We are in such divisive times, and I believe the Church has a great opportunity to be countercultural if we will embody radical Christ-like grace," he adds. "Ultimately 'Shine A Light In The Darkness' is a message from Jesus to all of us--me included--to be what we claim to be. It's a call for all of us to take up our cross and follow Him."

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