Preacher and Singer, Bishop Won, hailing from Delta State, Nigeria, has delighted fans and music enthusiasts alike with the release of his highly anticipated album, "Singing the Word."

"Singing the Word" is a meticulously crafted musical masterpiece, comprising five soul-stirring tracks that beautifully blend contemporary gospel sounds with traditional Nigerian rhythms.

This remarkable album features collaborations with three exceptionally talented artists: Pastor Love, Progress, and Nes. Together, they seamlessly fuse their unique musical talents, resulting in an enchanting and captivating auditory experience that transcends cultural and religious boundaries.

In "Singing the Word," Bishop Won explores themes of faith, hope, and love, delivering powerful messages that speak to the human spirit. Each track is thoughtfully arranged and expertly produced, showcasing Bishon Won's unwavering commitment to musical excellence and spiritual enlightenment.

 See the track-list and Download Below:
  1.     I Drip
  2.     Highly Blessed (ft. Pastor Love) 
  3.     Victory (ft. NES) 
  4.     My Life (ft. Progress)
  5.     Mbene 

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