Music: The Blood Of Jesus – Fidelis Omusi

Nigerian-based worship leader/Songwriter; Fidelis Omusi the founder of Realities of Worship Intl. releases his brand new single titled "The Blood of Jesus"

The lyrics of "The Blood of Jesus" focus on the central theme of salvation and the belief that through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and the shedding of His blood, believers are cleansed from sin and granted eternal life.
The song emphasizes the atoning nature of Jesus' blood, highlighting its ability to wash away sins and bring about reconciliation between God and humankind.
His Blood shared on the cross of calvary is still doing wonders.


You took the bread
And gave to all
This is Your body
Broken for me
You lift the cup
And gave to.all
This is Your blood
Shed for me
Lord we do this
In remembrance of You
Lord we do this
In remembrance of You


The blood of Jesus 3x
Has made me whole


You have made me whole

There’s power in the blood
You have made me whole
There’s healing in the blood

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