Music: Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke - When I Remember

Renowned gospel artist, Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke announced his latest release, “When I Remember.”

This soul-stirring song is a heartfelt tribute to the overwhelming goodness of God in the artist’s life, offering a powerful message of gratitude and hope.

“When I Remember” captures the essence of Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke’s musical prowess features his rich, velvety vocals accompanied by an exquisite arrangement of melodies. The song’s lyrics beautifully express the artist’s personal journey, recounting the miraculous interventions and blessings that have shaped his life.

With its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody, “When I Remember” is destined to become a staple in gospel music. Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke’s unwavering faith and dedication shine through every note, leaving a lasting impact on all who experience the song’s uplifting message.

Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke’s latest release, “When I Remember,” is now available on all major music platforms. Listeners can expect an unforgettable musical experience that will inspire and uplift their spirits.
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