Kolawole Bekes & Dunsin Oyekan in a Prophetic Sound ‘Live’ | @BekesKolawole, @dunsinoyekan

Although many know him as a seasoned saxophonist, over the years Kolawole has transitioned into a power house birthing songs of the spirit. In the last few years Kolawole has intentionally partnered with the spirit to release sounds that have global impact. Until recently he released Gbope, Showed Up and now a major collaborative effort with Dunsin Oyekan in ‘Live’.

Live is a sound that will quicken dry bones to rise. It’s a sound that will stir up a deep hunger in the spirit to enforce divine will on earth. The song was recorded live at the last edition of Factory  Reset in Ontario, Canada.

Live is not just a song you listen to, it’s a song you pray along with. Life will be changed as you immerse yourself in the sound.

Watch Video Below;


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