Music: Your Unending Love - Emmanuel Adeniran feat. EsRo | @KayKayBass

London, United Kingdom – Emmanuel Adeniran, announces the release of his new single, Your Unending Love, featuring the power Vocals of Esther Royalty (EsRo), which is now on all music streaming platforms. This single is released by Redband Music production company.

The recording process for this record started pre COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 at Juno Jaxxon’s home studio, and vocals were recorded early 2020 just before the first lockdown.

“This Pop flavored Christian contemporary song describes the journey of a lost soul that comes into relationship with God, it’s the story of redemption told abstractly”, says Emmanuel Adeniran. “The production process was tricky because of the global pandemic. We also took time with tweaking the sound till all parties were satisfied we had a great record”, said Juno Jaxxon. “You can expect to hear a well-produced song that takes you on a journey”.


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