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Renowned gospel artist, PITA, ushers in a new month with his inspiring anthem, 'FIRE FIRE'. reveling in triumph over adversity, PITA testifies to God’s saving grace in the midst of challenges.

Produced by Chuks music, PITA motivates with ‘Fire Fire’. Written after suffering from a stroke, God’s faithfulness and Pita's resilience shine through. The atmospheric acoustics showcase his remarkable vocal range and songwriting expertise. The musical journey on 'FIRE FIRE' seamlessly transitions from rhythmic percussion's to a message brimming with faith, praise, and strength. This chapter in Pita’s life not only adds depth to his personal story, but also serves as an inspiration through his music, proving that with faith and perseverance, one can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

PITA says "The song 'FIRE FIRE' came to me differently from other songs I've written. It was so easy to put my pain, fears and ultimately my testimony into words and melody. The fact that it came through a place of truth and sincerity make it uncomplicated and uncompromising". Born Peter Linus, Pita (praise in this age) has been captivating hearts and inspiring spiritual growth with his soul-stirring music. His career spans over a decade with 1000+ live ministrations.

PITA consistently delivers powerful melodies and lyrics that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. PITA's music has transcended borders, with a global fan base that continues to grow. His performances have graced stages across the globe to thousands to hear him solidified his status as a beloved figure in the gospel music industry.

As PITA continues to evolve as an artist, he remains committed to his mission of spreading the message of hope, love and faith through his music. Like 'FIRE FIRE', his upcoming project promises to further inspire and uplift his audience.

Watch Video Below;

PITA (Praise In This Age) is a Gospel recording artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Born Peter Linus on 27 December, this multi-talented singer comes from a diverse music family, surrounded by the Gospel, music and ministry. PITA captures the hearts of many with his deeply inspired lyrics and soulful vocals.

PITA’s career began at the Upper Room Missions Church in Lagos. Here he sang as part of the children’s choir, taking the lead role and training other kids, growing in creativity and confidence. This child prodigy pursued his passion into his teen years, forming a Gospel a capella group with friends named ‘Baby’s Heart’. The band captivated their audience's hearts without compromising their faith's message.

This was just the beginning of PITA’s dynamic career in the music ministry. Baby’s Heart toured many churches and universities across Nigeria, gaining popularity and drawing national attention. They became one of Nigeria’s most sought-after talents leading to PITA becoming an accomplished vocalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. The message of God’s abundant love and grace remains the foundation of PITA’s ministry; this birthed many incredible projects and musical albums over the years.

PITA has appeared on the stages of different concerts in different countries. From headlining his own ‘PITA: Live In Concert’, to featuring some of the biggest names in the Nigerian Gospel music ministry, to performing at the famed ‘Night Of Worship’, ‘The African Praise Experience’, and ‘NSPPD, Prayer Conference’ in the UK and USA, to co producing live performances for the ‘The Experience.’

PITA has a flair for fashion and he is currently the Creative Director of PITAWEARS, one of Nigeria's fastest growing faith-based clothing lines. The streetweat brand boasts of unique urban collections with t-shirts, jogging bottoms, dashikis, wristbands, footwear and accessories.. PITA’s vision for the brand is to create a community of fashionable believers - who wear what they are and who are heard before they speak. He achieves this by making affordable modern faith-based pieces that start a conversation about Christ.

PITA has made over 1,000 live appearances on shows and events while collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned Gospel artists. Join PITA as he continues to create more music that leaves a greater impact on believers across the world.
Key achievements
PITA has been recognized over the years with several awards from churches, corporate organizations and government parastatals.

PITA’s second album, ‘AS I AM: The Journey So Far’ (released in June 2013) gained him awards for “Praise Song Of The Year” and “Artiste Of The Year” at the 2014 Crystal Awards (Lagos, Nigeria).

PITA also lends his voice to socio-political while not losing sight of his message about Christ. During the 2015 Nigerian presidential campaign, PITA penned ‘One Man’, a theme song for the elections, calling all Nigerians to vote for transparent leadership and justice for fellow countrymen. The song went on to become a radio hit single across Lagos, Nigeria.

In April 2021, PITA’s song, ‘I Am Your Soldier’, (released in 2016) got an award of recognition from an affiliate of the Nigerian Army, signalling his contribution to the wellness of the soldiers in the field.

By 2022, PITA’s heartfelt rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem was highly sought after. He was asked to perform the Anthem at national events, including the Inauguration of the Governor of Lagos. This led to a masterpiece called ‘Home’ which was a fusion of the lyrics and melodies of the Anthem and his personal prayer for Nigeria.

PITA has a strong flair for song writing. He gives back to the Gospel music ministry by teaching songwriting courses and, participating in music seminars and workshops. He toured Nigeria with his sold-out Masterclass ‘Out of the Box’.
In April 2016, PITA organized a seminar called “The Reality of our Music”; a knowledge transfer session about the intricacies of music -- from balancing one’s music and family life, to promoting one’s music. The seminar had keynote speakers like Wale Adenuga, Jimi Tewe, Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, Timi Dakolo, and Adebola Williams.

PITA is a keynote speaker and has ministered at many music seminars. Most recently he graced ‘Empowered’; a music ministers and instrumentalists workshop organized by EV Nation in August 2021. Other keynote speakers at the seminar included Nathaniel Bassey, Ben Ogbeiwi, and Dr Otefe Edebi.
PITA’s undeniably brilliant debut album, ‘AS I AM: Vol 1' (released in May 2009), speaks volumes of this young talent’s heart, combining a hybrid of soft rock and ballads, as seen in ‘Imela’, and contemporary pop sounds in ‘So Amazing’. The album combines musical artistry with heart-warming lyrics, engaging listeners into a journey of discovering God’s faithfulness. PITA’s second album, ‘AS I AM: The Journey So Far’ (released in June 2013), chronicles PITA’s life struggles and his faith in God.
The album gained him awards for “Praise Song of The Year” and “Artiste of The Year” at the 2014 Crystal Awards (Lagos, Nigeria). PITA’s third album,

‘AS I AM: The Yearning’ (released in December 2016), is a Masterpiece. The album was birthed to anyone struggling with depression, pain, addiction, fear, confusion or doubt.

The acclaimed success of these albums gave rise to the release of PITA’s anticipated fourth studio album, ‘AS I AM: In His Image’ (released in November 2019). The amazing 15-track set boasts of collaborations with acclaimed Gospel artists like Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and Onos Ariyo.

The songs on this project cut across different genres, including contemporary Rock, Highlife, Afro-Pop, contemporary Worship, and Hip-Hop. The album's huge success gave rise to the February 2021 video release of one of its most-played tracks, ‘Ope Mi’, a thanksgiving anthem, which has been trending since.

Over the course of his career in music, PITA has amassed a core fanbase and wide listenership; ministering to hearts and minds across the globe. Here is a snapshot of his lifetimestrems across all digital streaming platforms: 1,420,000+
PITA is signed to and represented by Troniq Inc.
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