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One thing that makes CalledOut Music stand out is his versatility. His range is evident in his first afrobeats project and fifth EP. In ‘RADICAL’, CalledOut Music takes a deep, personal, and intimate dive into the conflicted motions of Christianity. Every detail of this experience was carefully planned – taking listeners on a song-to-song journey from the day a person turns their life over to God, to the struggles and victories they face, to the final reward they receive.

The EP is composed of the first track “Loved By You,” an introspective song that explores the enduring nature of God’s love, and five other distinct tunes, “Day By Day,” “Coming To Pass,” “Greatest,” “Never Die Gang” and “Ready.” The intentionality of each track will make it difficult for listeners to pick favourites.

“The overall message that I would love people to take from this EP is that it’s okay to live radically for Christ, it’s okay to love God intensely; to lean into Him, and grow in Him.”

CalledOut Music and Hillsplay have truly crafted a magnetic EP that all listeners can find happiness and comfort in. Giving credit where credit is due, he shares that his father was instrumental in the creation of this project.

“Some of the songs on the project were birthed from conversations with pops!,” he says. “Till this very day, my dad shows me what it means to be Radical. I can’t explain how big a role he has played in my life, so much that He made a young Samuel dedicate his whole life to Jesus,” he continues.  

This 6 track EP is available for streaming now;


1. Loved By You  

2. Day By Day

3. Coming To Pass

4. Greatest

5. Never Die Gang

6. Ready

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